When hoagie shop Taylor Gourmet abruptly shuttered its 17 D.C. outposts in September 2018, there was only one place left to score the local chain’s popular sandwiches: behind the TSA check-in line at National Airport.

But this summer, you’ll have three more options, because the company just announced it will be (re)opening locations in Dupont Circle, Bethesda, and south of Farragut on Pennsylvania Ave. The fast-casual company hasn’t released specific dates.

The new-but-not-really-new locations are now under the ownership of real estate developer Steve Kalifa, who bought the trademarks, recipes, and other assets of the original sandwich shop after it closed abruptly last year and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy shortly afterwards. (He beat out other bids, including one from Taylor Gourmet founder Casey Patten.)

Shortly before the closure, Taylor Gourmet was considering shutting down some its local stores and seeking out smaller outposts. But several employees also pin its downfall, at least in part, on the backlash from Patten’s attendance at a small business luncheon with President Donald Trump. “That day those pictures came out [of Patten with Trump] and then the call to boycott came, we just dropped in sales,” one former employee told DCist.

Patten is now knee-deep in another sandwich venture, Grazie Grazie, which opened at The Wharf in late April. The menu at Grazie Grazie includes the names of some sandwiches that might be familiar to Taylor Gourmet fans, and the Washington Post described the new shop as a “second coming of Taylor Gourmet, only better.”

The new menu for the soon-to-open Taylor Gourmet shops hasn’t been made public yet yet, but the chain’s vice president and chief operating officer told Eater that “menu favorites are all coming back.”


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