Looking to enjoy excellent gourmet Greek seafood? You don’t have to be right by the sea. It’s a great experience in the heart of Athens at POINT a where our top seafood dishes are influenced from seafood classics — with a twist.

Gourmet Greek Seafood Inspiration

Our chefs Manolis Mavriyannakis and Marios Pirpiridisare behind the creation of our top gourmet Greek seafood dishes, from starters to mains. Each dish is eclectic and flavorful.

Our dishes are very much influenced by native Greek flavors and we tell you how. Here’s our top five gourmet Greek seafood dishes as recommended by our talented chefs.

Top 5 Greek Gourmet Dishes at POINT a

Mackarel tartar with bergamot and olive / Starter

Mackerel is skoubri in Greek, a firm fleshed fish that is flavorful and delightful. Bergamot is a citrus fruit found in much of the Mediterranean. Bergamot’s orange like flavour with our native Greek olive make for a satisfying starter combination of tastes.

Tuna brûlée with smoked eggplant / Starter

Eggplant’s hearty taste is a prime addition to so many Greek dishes. Called melitzana in Greek, the vegetable is featured in many classic Greek starters and in the most loved main dishes and casseroles.  Here we pair smoked eggplants with the distinct and equally hearty taste of the saltwater fish tuna.

Ravioli with octopus ragú and beetroot crisps / Pasta

In this recipe, the classic Italian pasta dish of ravioli is combined with our octopus ragú.  Octopus is one of Greece’s most loved seafood plates, eaten since ancient times. It is delicious just served as a meze boiled or grilled, too.

King fish with courgette flowers and a buttery fish roe sauce / Main

This is mackerel main dish we love, served with courgette flowers (also known as squash blossoms).  The courgette flower is used in several traditional Greek dishes, often stuffed with cheese and herbs.

Asian Style Shrimps with kouskousaki and lemongrass / Main

Bringing a bit of an Asian seafood twist to the menu, our Asian style shrimps feature kouskousaki, a Greek word for cous-cous. These steamed semolina balls are a popular part of Greek cuisine. For this dish, the flavors are blended with the citrusy lemongrass herb.

This list sums up our top five gourmet Greek seafood starters, pastas and main dishes at POINT a.

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Greek Seafood with a Twist

We love the sea, after all we are Greek! But right in the heart of Athens – with another kind of breathtaking view – you can sample the best of gourmet Greek seafood.

What do you think of our gourmet Greek seafood dishes?

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