Cooking a can be daunting, however it doesn’t need to be. In overall, the entire cook time need to be less than 15 minutes, but like a fast race, nailing the first few actions is important to the general result.

The secret to success in cooking a juicy steak with a nice crust is fast, even cooking– but that’s simpler said than done. Even cooking requires careful attention to the turning of the meat in the cooking process. However, avoiding one step can be the Achilles heel for a brave cook attempting to cook a steak uniformly at house.

The first thing you should do when cooking a steak is remove the meat from the refrigerator one hour prior to cooking. This allows it to completely concern room temperature level. While it might appear irrelevant, the temperature of the meat prior to it hits the surface of the pan is critical to guaranteeing that the steak cooks evenly. A steak requires to come in contact with an extremely hot surface (preferably a cast-iron skillet) the moment it starts cooking, producing a good caramelized crust on the outside. If the meat is cold, it dramatically cuts the temperature level of the pan on contact and slows the cooking of the beyond the steak. Furthermore, the inside of a cold steak has further to increase in temperature level than a steak that is at space temperature level. This results in unequal heat circulation across the within the meat and a prolonged cooking process, making for a drier piece of meat.

If you are able to prepare enough ahead of time, coat the steak with a hefty sprinkling of kosher salt and pepper the night previously, and enable it to sit exposed in the refrigerator until the next day. This seasons the meat throughout, and it assists the meat retain its wetness throughout the cooking procedure.