Swiss Chard, Onion and Monterey Jack Enchiladas in a Tomatillo Salsa

I’m not going to front, these vegetarian enchiladas were really damn good. My brother described them as “firing on all cylinders”. I can’t take full credit though, they were roughly based on a Rick Bayless recipe, from his terrific Mexican Everyday cookbook. I changed the filling from spinach and mushroom to Swiss chard, onions, and Monterey Jack, and I baked them rather than just rolling them on hot plates and covering with the sauce. They were just cheesy enough to be satisfying, but not the total gut bomb that plain cheese enchiladas can be.

I don’t know why I don’t cook with tomatillos more often. They make incredible salsas, whether you use them completely raw, sear them before pureeing, or as in this case, cook the puree. They have an intense, rounded sour flavor without being too acidic, which makes other flavors pop. If you have some of the salsa left, you can make the Huevos Ahogados I’ll show you in my next post.

I don’t think people realize how good Swiss chard stems are. There is just sort of this natural inclination to remove them, the same as you would from say collard greens, whose stems really are tough. But with chard, if you just remove the woodiest bit, and chop the rest of the stem up fairly small and give it enough time to cook, it is a delicious, toothsome part of the vegetable. I would say it is a big part of what made these enchiladas delicious.

Bayless’ recipe calls for two cups of broth, but I found that to be too loose. I had to cook it down a long time to be the right consistency, so below I call for a single cup. If you have cooked pinto beans from scratch to go with the meal, you can use a cup of their cooking liquid as the broth. Otherwise, a good vegetable broth will do just fine.

Serve this forth with freshly made guacamole and refried beans, and I’m pretty sure you will have a happy dinner that night!

Swiss Chard, Onion and Monterey Jack Enchiladas in a Tomatillo Salsa
Vegetarian and gluten free, not vegan
Serves 4

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