Do you know what are Sheet cakes? lemme explain sheet cake is a cake baked in a large flat rectangular pan such as a sheet can or Jelly roll Pan. These single layer cakes are almost always frosted with decoration and ornamental frosting along the borders and the flat top surface. So you can make a different kind of sheet cake such as vanilla sheet cake, almond sheet cake, lemon & lavender sheet cake, red velvet sheet cake and much more surprising recipes presented in the list below.

These Sheet cakes are so simple, elegant as well as delicious in flavor you can’t stop yourself from taking at least one bite of them. Sweet sheet cakes help you to feed a giant family gathering with their favorite flavor like chocolate, vanilla or whatever they want therefore we gather all the recipes on our website along with the link so you can easily grab the ingredients. These delightful cakes approved by kids and adults too so you can make it in all type of gather whether you are the celebration your graduation, birthday party or any family dinner. They are easy to make so you don’t need to buy an expensive cake from the store and waste your money!

Sheet Cakes Recipes – Easy Sheet Cakes Recipes:

These cakes are so moist and wonderful thus they melt in your mouth and the person who is eating this cake will not stop him or her self from praising you. This cake is covered with too much creamy topping and best for the birthday parties! Plus sheet cake is so easy to make when you have a crowd to feed in just no time so these sheet cakes are so handy to have. Happy caking!

Vanilla Sheet Cake:


Almond Sheet Cake:

Lavender & Lemon Sheet Cake:

Carrot Cake Sheet Cake Recipe:

Carrot Cake Sheet Cake Recipe


Texas Sheet Cake:


Red Velvet Sheet Cake Recipe:


Red Velvet Sheet Cake:


Chocolate Vanilla Sheet Cake:

Pumpkin Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake Recipe:

Root Beer Float Sheet Cake:


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