is a simple condiment and although it is not
as popular as meat paste but still, you should try to love this ingredient.
Sardine paste is a convenient method to enhance the taste of many recipes from
soups to nuts. It is widely available at grocery stores with the strong fishy
and salty flavor made from grounded sardine fish. Since the taste and smell of
the paste is a slightly strong, it is better to use the paste in small amount
unless you are okay with the overwhelming smell and taste. The sardine fish
paste often sold in the form of small multiuse tubes and once you open the
tube, it can last for months.
paste to enhance the flavor of many recipes

Sardine paste product is best to be used to improve flavor for certain dishes. You can
eat crackers with the paste on top or use it for the delicious toasted bread
instead. Other uses are for your vegetable salad as the best salad dressing, if
you want to eat salad with a bit fish taste but you want to limit consume the
fish then you can always depend on the sardine fish paste tube.

You think the tomato sauce is too flat in
flavor? Use your best sardine paste product! The flat tomato sauce or any other sauces
that you think too plain can be adjusted easily to have better taste with a
small touch of paste. You can mix them easily and then use the
sauce to eat with salad or sandwiches.

2 Easy
sardine paste recipe

Buying sardine
paste brand product of course will be easier than making it on your own.
However, if you bored with the fish paste then you can mix various ingredients
into paste sardine fish. Learn how to make two easy sardine fish paste recipes

Sardine fish paste with cottage
cheese, really easy and tasty!

1 small-pickled gherkin

First, you should drain the
cottage cheese and add the canned sardine; you do not need to drain off the
oil. Mash the cheese with the sardine fish together.
Add the rest of the ingredients
and mixed together till the mixture resembles a thin smooth cream.
Serve and use the paste for all
dish purpose. You can serve it on top of toasted bread, salad, soup, stew,
sandwiches, and many more.
Sardine fish paste with

Prepare a blender to mix all
the ingredients above. Put the ingredients into the blender with the tomato
sauces. Do not forget to peel and dice the large onion first before you add
into the blender.
Dice the pepper as well and
then blender the ingredients. Add salt and pepper too according to your like.
You can serve the paste with extra chopped tomatoes fruit.
It is really worth it if you know how to
make sardine fish paste as well as another fish paste like anchovies paste.
Both sardine and anchovies paste is so popular to enhance the taste for certain
dishes. By making your own fish paste, you can have extra nutrition with the
ingredients you use to make the paste.

To make the paste is really simple; you
just need to use blender or food processor just like we already shared above
with the two easy fish paste recipe. You can add other seasonings and herbs to
perk up protein.

And did you know that sardine paste is not only can be used to enhance dish, but also for
sport fishing? You heard it right! Some people like to use fish paste to coat
their baits or lures. The paste used to lure the fish and thanks to the fishy
smell, it can make the baits or lures like a living fish ready to be bitten by
those large predator ocean fish. You can try it too! Hope this information help
you to understand more about paste.

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