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Warrior Fit Testimonials
First, I want to say thank you for convincing me to do Tabata! I was struggling to lose weight and Finally I found something that helped! I really appreciate your coaching! – Craig T.

Ever since I was convinced to do Tabata I have seen huge results, I lost 6 pounds and gained energy in the first 3 weeks. I have been working out for 3 months before I decided to do Tabata and I struggled to lose weight. At first I thought “How am I losing weight by bringing my heart rate up then cooling down then bringing it up again?” I don’t know how it works but it does! Thank you!! – Theresa F.

The first day of Tabata, I wondered WHAT AM I DOING – I AM 56 !! Five weeks later I knew that it was what I needed. I learned that I could push myself well beyond my comfort zone and feel good later. I have a marked improvement in physical as well as emotional endurance. – Lyn C.

When I was first told about Tabata I was very excited from the word go, however that excitement stemmed from the fact that I had no clue what it meant. I missed the first week of class b/c I was traveling for work so when I came in during the 2nd week I had some making it up to do. It was hard at first b/c my body wasn’t used to working out at such a fast pace, but once I got into a rhythm I started to feel very good. These classes are no joke. If you stick with it you will leave there feeling stronger, healthier and overall better about yourself and what you’ve accomplished. I would recommend these classes to anyone. Darrin is a great trainer and he’ll keep you going with his energy. – Jami L.

Warrior Fit uses High Intensity Music to get ya Moooovin’ So we can all “Get Our Sweat On” The link below will give ya a freeee shot at Audible plus a couple audio books just to try it out and if you haven’t used audio books on your commutes you are missing out. Get pumped up before you get to where you are going and exercise your mind. I use it Everyday. Go get yours now!
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