Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe
is a nice little restaurant along Roces Ave., in Quezon City. We stumbled upon it yesterday after our original dinner place, Rub Ribs (new location also on Roces) was jam packed. Gourmet Gypsy Art is owned by Chef Waya Araos-Wijangco, formerly of Kiss The Cook Gourmet in Maginhawa.

* only had my iPhone with me during this dinner*

As you enter the doors of Gourmet Gypsy, you’ll see a beautifully crafted long table surrounded by all sorts of art pieces. Don’t forget to take a trip to their beautiful washrooms, both male and female.

The furniture, art pieces, rugs and home accessories are all for sale so if you like something there you need just ask how much they are.

We looked thru the menu carefully since we did not know what food they served when we stepped through the doors. They serve a variety of different dishes from all over the world.

We started with an Elote Mexicano (P160). This is Chef Waya’s interpretation of the popular Mexican street food of a corn cob slathered with different spices. Flat corn croquettes are drizzled with a Chipotle mayo and topped with crumbled goat cheese feta, cilantro, lime and a little chili powder. A corntastic dish that we will definitely order again, the chili and the mayo give it a little flavor kick.

My dad got the Vietnamese Beef Stew (P460), cooked in star anise scented tomato sauce. He enjoyed the tender beef and the flavorful sauce very much.

My brother Russ got the Five Spiced Pork Belly (P320). Brined pork belly tossed in chili garlic and served with salad, rice and Binaloan vinegar. The pork pieces have a nice crunch and the flavor surprisingly reminded us of chicharon.

I got the Indian Butter Chicken (P420). Chicken breasts cooked in tomato sauce with yogurt gravy and toasted almonds.

Irene had the Pork and Clam Favada (P380). We were a little underwhelmed with this dish, it felt too soupy.

My other brother, Brent, order a Seafood Chorizo Cioppino Pasta (P380). Al dente spaghetti tossed with tomato sauce, pesto , shrimps, New Zealand mussels, squid and chorizo bilbao. Generous amount of seafood make this a nice meatless option.

Lauren was initially hesitant to order anything and just consoled herself by eating pita bread. She later relented and order the Bolognese Done Right (P320). Pork and Beef mince with fresh tomatoes, red wine and herbs. She ate about half and had us finish the rest.

My brother got curious about their Clever Cup of Coffee (P80) so he ordered one. It was a table side pour over using coffee beans from Benguet. The waitstaff will bring over a clear cup filled with ground coffee beans which he then pours hot water in, covers and let’s it sit for two minutes the stirs it 4 times only with a teaspoon. He then instructed us to put it on top of the cup, the coffee then drips into the cup like magic. My brother found it a little lacking in strength which he attributed to the short brewing time but liked the flavor.

Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe is a nice accidental discovery for us. They are barely open a week and still getting the kinks out but the food was good and the service was ok so we’ll definitely be back. My favorite was Chef Waya’s interpretation of the Elote Mexicano, a dish I’d definitely come back for.

Looking for a new restaurant to try, you must head on over to Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe and try their food and surround yourself with their beautiful art pieces.

Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe

Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe

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