Sharing love and joy with others is the true meaning of Christmas, and personalized holiday gift giving is one way to show your family and friends how much you care.  I am all about finding unique extraordinary gifts and nothing says I love you more than food!  In all my adventures this year, these are some of the most unique and delicious food, wine, and cocktail products I’ve tried, with perfect last minute holiday gourmet gift ideas for the people you care about.  I hope you enjoy these gourmet delights for your loved ones and maybe even for yourself!

{Note:  I received samples of two of these items, as noted in my reviews, but every product was personally selected and my opinions are my own. Links may contain affiliate links to support my small business.}

Last Minute Gourmet Holiday Gift Ideas

1. Lakrids by Johann Bülow Choc Coated Licorice

I enjoy licorice every now and then, but I have never loved licorice…until now.  When I received a sample of these Lakrids by Johann Bülow chocolate coated licorice bites, I was not all that excited about chocolate and licorice together and expected these licorice to be just another ordinary sweet treat. They are not an ordinary sweet treat at all, the flavor combination between the chocolate and licorice is incredible.  They have other flavor combinations such as dark and coffee, dark and sea salt, and passion choco coated.  You can purchase several of the flavors at Amazon.

Approximately $12.00 – 16.00 per 5.9 oz package.

2. Sleepy Monk Coffee

When my family travels we have a tradition to visit as many local coffee shops as we are able to.  Last year, while on our trip to Oregon, we discovered Sleepy Monk Coffee in Canon Beach, Oregon.  We loved it so much, we ordered a few packages of the Monks Choice, Monastery Blend, Bogmans Brew, and French Roast blends for Christmas last year and they are still our favorite brand of coffee, especially for pour over.  What makes it different from other coffees?  They roast in-house, in small batches, so the coffee is strong but not bitter, rich and flavorful but smooth.  The only downside to Sleepy Monk is that they have a limited shipping schedule, but that is also a testament to their integrity in creating custom small batches. For the coffee lovers in your life, you could not get a better cup of coffee than Sleepy Monk.

Approximately $14.00 for a 1 lb. bag of whole or ground beans.

3. Hot Chocolate Balls

These little Hot Chocolate Balls,  made with couverture chocolate (high quality chocolate with a higher content of cocoa butter), honey, and cocoa powder, pack a lot of flavor in tiny spheres.  Just drop the ball in a mug, microwave a few seconds to start the melting process, add milk and microwave more, stir until melted, and enjoy! Hot Chocolate balls come in several flavors, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, mint, mocha, perfect for stocking stuffers!

Approximately $15.00 for a sleeve of six.

4. Savoring Today Gourmet Spice Rubs

Full disclosure: I have not tried all the flavors, but have tried the Green Chile Chix Rub and it was extraordinary!  Second disclosure: My friend Judy, an incredible home chef and recipe developer, developed these spice rubs, but I purchased them on my own.  The Savoring Today spice rubs in flavors of Smoked Chile Steak, Smoked Chile Pork, Mesquite Fajita, and Green Chile Chix  turn an everyday cut of meat into a flavorful zesty gourmet meal with just a few tablespoons.  Dry rub adds a nice crust to meat, sealing in flavor and moisture, and Savoring Today rubs are made with natural ingredients, no preservatives, no MSG, and are clean eating and paleo friendly.

$7.45 per 4 oz package; $34.95 for a four package gift set.  (Hint:  They are offering 10% off right now!)

5. Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese

I love cheese! I received a sample box of Crave Brothers Cheese over Thanksgiving and we had so much tasty fun with the different cheeses in the package.  The mozzarella and marinated mozzarella balls were used for an antipasto tray, the mascarpone cheese was combined with pepper jelly for a sweet and spicy appetizer, and the cheese curds were used for homemade poutine.  Have I mentioned how much I love cheese?  Crave Brothers makes it so easy to share my love of cheese with those I love.  Hand crafted in Wisconsin using old world techniques, Crave Brothers uses milk sourced from locally owned and operated family farms that rely on 100% green power, so when you purchase from them, you not only support small family business, you support efforts to protect our planet.  Kind of makes you love cheese even more, right?

Prices vary, the Crave cheese sampler box is $22.99

6. Cock & Bull Caribbean BBQ Sauces

Since we are being honest here, this line of Cock & Bull BBQ sauces is created by my cousin, but the sauces are so unique and flavorful, I had to include them on this list.  Floribbean Flare is all about smoky Caribbean jerk flavor, BSB is bourbon, brown sugar, and black pepper, and Guava Mama’s Mojo has the sweet tanginess of black pineapple.

Approximately $11.99 per bottle.

7. Georges Duboeuf Nouveau Rosé

Legendary French wine merchant Georges Duboeuf just released the first Beaujolais Nouveau Rosé in the United States, and what a wonderful wine it is!  A French tradition, nouveau celebrates the first wine of a new vintage season, so this wine is bottled only a few weeks after harvest.  Don’t wait for this wine, it’s crisp flavor of white peach, grapefruit, and raspberry is meant to sipped right now. Added bonus?  The bottle is so pretty, perfect for gift giving.

Approximately $12.00 per bottle

8. Scrappy’s Exotic Bitters

Home mixology is all the rage right now and a collection of Scrappy’s Exotic Bitters is the perfect accompaniment to mix up world class cocktails. Made for professional bartenders, these bitters are also available for home bartenders. The bitters are made with zero artificial flavors or colors, in flavors of grapefruit, orange, lavender, and chocolate or just get the whole bunch in a sampler box. The lavender is incredible in margaritas and the cardamom adds the perfect holiday spiciness to my Eggnog Old Fashioned.

Approximately $26.88 for a four bottle sample set.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Last Minute Holiday Gourmet Gift Ideas. Enjoy the season with these wonderful handcrafted gourmet gifts, all made with love and care, to be given with love and care!

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