Steaming is among the healthiest cooking approaches out there since you don’t need any extra fat to accomplish delicate, wet perfection. If you’re going to try steaming specific proteins (fish and chicken are absolutely perfect) rather of baking or frying, make certain to provide them a little extra time to cook. Steam is just a little hotter than boiling point, which has to do with 210 ° F, so food will not cook as quickly.

Steamer baskets frequently come in two varieties: metaland bamboo. Thanks to their porous nature, bamboo steamers absorb excess moisture, keeping your steamed food from getting too soaked. Metal cleaners, on the other hand, conduct heat better, so they retain heat more uniformly and assist cook food far more rapidly. Metal cleaners are likewise much easier to maintain, as there is no risk of decomposing.

The steamer is the genuine trick to no-bake sweet treats. We’re all mindful that regional Pinoy delicacies such as puto and kutsinta are steamed, but did you know that you can “bake” chocolate cakes and fruity puddings in a cleaner, too? Steaming cakes and puddings is a timeless British strategy from centuries earlier. Take a look at these recipes:

Need more ideas on how to steam at house? We have a few!

Offered how steaming is such a fragile cooking approach, keep your components nice and
light. White fish like dory, sole, and lapu-lapu; chicken breast; and leafy greens are custom-made for steaming.

2 You can steam frozen ready-made snacks!

Forget about microwave meals; steaming is the method to go! Frozen ready-made bites like siopao, siomai, and cuapao are available in grocery stores, and make for healthy merienda deals with.

* Post originally published in the January 2017 issue of Yummy publication. Small edits have actually been made by editors.