It has been a while since my last post at the recipe section, I am back with another baking recipe of the famous fluffy Japanese Cheesecake, but this time, I make it into a gluten-free (flourless) and low carb Cheesecake. This gluten-free low carb Cheesecake is perfect for those who are in the LCHF ketogenic diet and for those who are gluten intolerant. If you compare the outlook of both low-carb and non-low-carb, they look exactly the same. This low-carb version is still as fluffy & as tasty like before, it even comes with a bit of enhanced cheese flavor. You will not know that it is the all-new flourless recipe, yes, no flour at all, not even other gluten-free flour; no almond flour, no coconut flour and such.  You will find the complete recipe in all possible details I can provide, with photos and videos, at the recipe page.

It’s Low-Carb!!!

Ever since I published my first Japanese Cheesecake recipe more than a year ago, it was a big hit on my website and I was so happy to know that everyone wants to bake it. Consequently, I received tons of questions and requests which I am more than happy to answer. Some questions are straightforward but some needs experiment and trying out, for example, this low-carb and gluten-free version. For this reason, I spent a few months to try out my new recipe and tweaking it until I am 101% satisfied with the result. I have lost count of how many Low Carb Cheesecake I have baked before sharing out this perfect recipe with you here. Definitely, I am absolutely happy to go through all the processes and finally succeeded in baking an as light… as jiggly… as pillowy… as fluffy… as perfect as the original Japanese Cheesecake.

Besides low carb and gluten-free, I also changed the oven temperature setting to a single-temperature bake. In my original Japanese Cheesecake, many overlooked on the instruction on changing the temperature in stages and some find it troublesome with the multiple stage temperature setting. Due to these reasons, baking at a lower temperature with longer duration works perfectly in this recipe.

Light and jiggly!!!

Due to the cheese, butter and the cream in the cake, the low carb Japanese Cheesecake is best served after chilled for the best taste and texture, unless you love to savor it as soufflé then you may proceed while it is still warm. Since it is low carb, I didn’t add any icing decoration on the surface as what I did to the original Japanese Cheesecake. In the event that you may want to decorate it and still maintain it’s low carb value, perhaps you may stencil-icing it with pure cacao powder.

Here is the quick GIF of the View the complete video on the recipe page, I have included the jiggly part in the video too.

Disclaimer: I adapted the ketogenic lifestyle 8 months ago and have learned a lot of this low-carb-high-fat diet. Besides achieving better health for my body, I lost some weight (more than 20 pounds and it’s still going) too.

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