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Before you start doing anything else, I recommend reading my tips first, that way, you might want to follow some ideas and options that will affect your grocery-shopping or the way you will cook and prepare some ingredients. Though there are certain recipes that you strictly have to adhere to when it comes to the cooking instructions and techniques, there are still a lot of them that are adjustable and manageable as well. Just like any other subject, It’s always good to have rules and guidelines but sometimes rules are meant to be broken, right? As long as it will have a great turn out, I’m okay with it! And that’s where always the fun of it! LOL! On the other hand, It is always good to have it so you can be well-prepared. However, you can cook any dish the way you like it. I bet it will taste delicious and you will just feel proud about it. In any case, if everything did not turn out the way you expect and not happy about it, don’t be upset, try again next time. That’s how we all learn, remember the mistakes and keep the lesson. Hope it helps 😉

Fish Sarciado is another Filipino favorite fish dish with the sauce. In Philippines, tilapia is the most popular fish to cook with this recipe. However, here in America, tilapia has been having a negative reputation because of where it comes from. So I, myself have stopped buying and eating them in almost 3 years now. There are a lot of fish selections to cook with this recipe. You can cook it with fried mackerel(galunggong), milkfish(bangus)Cod(i’m not sure the tagalog name lol), Grouper(lapu-lapu). People here hardly fry fish in their own home because you can actually have your fish fried for free at the Asian grocery store as long as you buy it from them. With this recipe, fish is fried first separately and the sauce is mainly composed of  onions, tomatoes, and garlic with beaten eggs and is cooked separately.  Some put tomato sauce or a little bit of tomato paste but it is okay with none. If you prefer to add them, feel free for more sauce. What fish do you think you would use for your Fish Sarciado? Please share your thoughts how did you like your result? Any suggestions? Leave me a comment below. 🙂

• “Cookery is not chemistry. It is an Art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements”. – Xavier Marcel Boulestin (French Chef)

DISCLAIMER: As someone who’s only passionate about cooking and determines healthy food to eat, I am not a doctor, nor do I intend for the following to cure, prescribe, or heal any disease or ailment. Please see a medical professional before consuming anything medicinally, changing your diet, or seeking holistic healing practices. Eat/Drink at your own risk…;p

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