Cranberry Limoncello Spritzer, an easy Italian cocktail recipe with cranberry juice and lemon limoncello liqueur. A quick and easy limoncello drink recipe perfect for Christmas and the holiday season! It’s light and refreshing so the best for before, during, or after a big holiday meal.

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I think you’ll love this easy Cranberry Limoncello Spritzer cocktail recipe for Christmas, Christmas eve, and the holiday! It combines Italian Limoncello liqueur along with cranberry juice and a few other easy ingredients. This is such a quick and easy Limoncello cocktail, that is also perfect for winter parties!

Fresh cranberries can be hard to find throughout the year. Most people think of cranberries with cranberry sauce, like my homemade Orange Cider Cranberry Sauce, but there are so many other fun options for cranberries. So save some! I love buying a few bags of fresh cranberries and storing in the freezer for a while.

Have to admit this Copycat recipe for Panera’s Cranberry Orange Muffins is one of my faves too!

This Cranberry Limoncello Spritzer is what I’d like to call an Italian American Christmas fusion mixed drink kind of like an Italian lemonade cocktail. Haha! We’re always looking for new Limoncello drinks, so I thought I’d make one that combines the popular Limoncello with cranberries, for a white cranberry juice cocktail.

What is Limoncello

First, let’s talk about Limoncello. If you’re wondering what it is, it’s an Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy. Although it’s made in various places now.

Limoncello is generally made by steeping lemon zest and/or peels in alcohol then combined with simple syrup (sugar and water). The type of alcohol and simple syrup may vary especially if it’s homemade limoncello.

Limoncello is traditionally served chilled as an Italian after-dinner drink in small chilled glasses. However, now you will probably notice it is used in a variety of cocktails and other recipes such as main dishes and desserts like cake, cheesecake, cookies, and more.

How Do You Make Limoncello

For this cocktail recipe, you can use store-bought Limoncello from your favorite liquor store or you can make your own. As I mentioned above, Limoncello is generally made by steeping lemon zest and/or peels in alcohol then combined with simple syrup (a combination of sugar and water). Some people like their Limoncello sweeter than others so you may need to adjust the sugar to your personal preference.

How to Make a Spritzer?

You’ve probably heard of a wine spritzer, but how about an Italian spritzer? Ok so I kind of made that up, but sounds good right?

A spritzer generally combines white or red wine with sparkling soda such as soda water, sparkling water, or even ginger ale or lemon lime soda. There are many variations!

It’s generally best to make sure all your ingredients are COLD before making a spritzer. You can serve the drink over ice or without ice. Some spritzers have fruit or slices of citrus fruit such as lime or lemon.

This limoncello and cranberry spritzer is quick and easy! Feel free to make changes to your personal taste.

Cranberry Limoncello Spritzer Ingredients

How To Make Cranberry Limoncello Spritzer

(Full printable recipe card is at bottom of post.)

Limoncello Spritzer Serving Suggestions

Quick Tips for Best Results

Limoncello Spritzer FAQ

How should I store the Limoncello Spritzer?
If you have leftovers, you can store covered in the refrigerator but the drink will quickly go flat if you used soda or sparkling water. I would try to make just what you need.

Instead of sparkling water, you could use tonic water or soda such as ginger ale or a lemon-lime soda. Instead of cranberries, you could use lemon slices or even raspberries. You could also use regular cranberry juice instead of white cranberry juice.

Can I make a large batch of this cocktail?
Yes! You can easily multiply this drink into a large quantity to serve in pitchers or a punch bowl. I would suggest mixing the Limoncello and cranberry juice ahead of time and store in the refrigerator. Then right before serving, pour it into the pitcher(s) or punch bowl and top with sparkling water and cranberries over ice.

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I hope you enjoy this Cranberry Limoncello Spritzer Cocktail recipe! Tell me in the comments about how you served it!

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Cranberry Limoncello Spritzer Cocktail Recipe

A fun Italian inspired cocktail for the holidays.
SNAPPY TIPS: I’d suggest not adding the sparkling water until right before serving so that it’s not flat.

SNAPPY SUBSTITUTIONS: Instead of sparkling water you could add lemon-lime soda, ginger ale, tonic water, or your favorite alternative.

LIMONCELLO SPRITZER PUNCH: To make a large quanity (8 drinks) for a large pitcher or small punch bowl use 1 1/2 cups Limoncello, 1 cup white cranberry juice, and 1 1/2 – 2 cups sparkling water (or soda) over ice with a handful of cranberries and/or lemon slices.

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