Bake these cakes at your convenience and keep them for those times when you need a little sweet bite.


250g butter
220g caster sugar
4 eggs (Grade B)
100ml fresh milk
350g self-raising flour
180g dried cranberries
40g coarsely chopped macadamia nuts
30g cocoa powder

Lightly grease a Kugelhopf pan (fluted ring mould) and preheat oven at 175°C.

Cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy. Beat in eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition.

Mix in milk. Fold in flour in three batches. Stir in cranberries and macadamia nuts to combine into a batter.

Transfer 1 cup of the batter to another mixing bowl. Sift in cocoa powder and stir until evenly combined.

Spoon one-third of plain batter into the Kugelhopf pan. In between, drop 3-4 tablespoons of cocoa-flavoured batter, then top with another one-third of plain batter. Spoon the remaining cocoa batter over the top and add the rest of the plain batter. Use a satay skewer to swirl the batter to create a marble effect.

Bake for about 60 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the middle of the cake comes out clean. Remove Kugelhopf pan from the oven and leave on a wire rack to cool for 5-10 minutes. Turn over the pan to allow the cake to drop down. Remove pan.

Banana Cake


80g caster sugar
60g soft brown sugar
100ml canola oil
1 tsp vanilla essence
3 eggs (B grade)
200g ripe bananas (pisang rastali)
1 tbsp lime juice
100ml fresh milk
25g walnuts, coarsely chopped (optional)

Dry ingredients – sifted together
200g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
¼ tsp salt

Grease and line a loaf pan (20cm x 10cm) and preheat oven at 180°C.

Cream both types of sugars and canola oil with an electric mixer until well combined.

Beat in eggs, one at a time and add in vanilla essence.

Mash bananas and lime juice together with a fork until soft. Stir into the egg mixture and beat over medium low speed until evenly mixed. Beat in milk to combine.

Stir the sifted dry ingredients in batches into the wet ingredients. Cream over low speed. Fold in walnuts, if using.

Spoon batter into prepared cake pan. Bake for 70 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the centre of the cake comes out clean.

Oats and Orange Butter Cake by Amy Beh


210g butter
160g caster sugar
1 tbsp grated orange rind
3 eggs (Grade B)
1 tsp vanilla essence
60ml orange juice
80g raisins

Ingredients A – combined
150g plain flour
35g quick cooking oats
1½ tsp baking powder

Grease sides and line the base of a 21cm cake pan with parchment paper. Preheat oven at 160°C.

Place butter in the bowl of an electric mixer. Cream for 1-2 minutes then add sugar and orange rind. Continue beating thoroughly for 3-4 minutes.

Beat in eggs, one at a time. Add in a tablespoon of the flour mixture. If mixture begins to curdle, beat in essence to mix.

Add orange juice until well combined. Fold in the rest of the combined flour and oat mixture, followed by the raisins.

Spoon batter into prepared pan. Bake for about 1 hour and 35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the centre of the cake comes out clean.

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