Pike Street Fish Fry is the brainchild of Michael Hebb, most known in Seattle for his celebrated series of  One Pot underground dinners, and chef Monica Dimas, formerly of Le Pichet and Campagne. The Fish Fry opened to a lot of attention in April of ’08, garnering notices in Food & Wine and Gourmet as well as from our local brigade of reviewers. I’ve been meaning to make it in since then, but with a new baby I couldn’t get there at night. I just recently realized that they’ve been open for a lunch for awhile now, so I got my first taste of the crispy goodness.

But can a vegetarian even eat a Pike Street Fish Fry? Absolutely. You have three main choices: French fries, green beans, or a mixed fry of assorted vegetables. Each comes with one paper-thin slice of fried lemon, which everyone dotes on, and a choice of sauce.

I opted for the mixed grill. The vegetables were beautifully battered and fried, with a light and airy shell similar to tempura. The tartar sauce had a good tart edge and pickly crunch. Tasty stuff.

Now some of you might snub the idea of a fried meal. I grew up in the South, and lived for years in Milwaukee, where a fish fry was mandatory on Friday nights. For me, that meant French fries and coleslaw and I was still happy. I pretty much love anything well fried (fried dark, drained of excess oil, and well salted). So this is no sacrifice to me, though I’ll readily acknowledge it constitutes nothing like a nutritionally balanced lunch! I’m of the school that would rather have a great indulgence occasionally than mediocre ones constantly.

Pike Street Fish fry is conveniently located outside Neumo’s, so those of you that still have a (night)life can enjoy the deep fried stuff when we all know it tastes best: late and inebriated. There, I said it.

Don’t let the salvaged Pacific Fish N’ Chips sign fool you, that’s the spot.

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