A new vegan gourmet cheese!? Meet Nuts for Cheese, a company that has perfected vegan cheese made out of cashews! Based in Southern Ontario and founded by Margaret Coons, Nuts for Cheese’s artisanal offerings are all handcrafted using cultured organic cashews. And guess what? You can now get these yummy vegan cheeses at Whole Foods Markets in Canada (for those in the U.S., they are available online too)!

Nuts for Cheese offers hard wedges, spreads, and cream cheeses, including a Smoky Artichoke and Herb cheese anda Chipotle “Cheddar” flavored wedge. All VEGAN! 

Margaret Coons worked as a chef at Veg Out Restaurant in London, Ontario for five years prior to starting Nuts for Cheese … and we are so glad she did! 

“Many of our cheeses are air-dried and aged after the culturing process allowing for a sharpness to develop. Much like dairy cheese, the flavors of our artisan products will continue to sharpen as they age,” Nuts for Cheese shared on their website. 


It is so great to see more companies bringing a wide array of vegan cheeses to market. Every new entrant to the space helps expand the amount of shelf space allotted to dairy-free offerings … and from a consumer standpoint, variety is just frankly, the best. The days of only having one brand of dairy-free cheese that tastes more like rubber than cheddar are OVER! Thanks to new innovative companies and increasing demand, the vegan cheese category overall is set to hit $3.5 billion by 2023!

Next time you are out shopping, be sure to pick up one of their cheeses (or two!) to share with friends. To stay to date on Nuts for Cheese’s creamy goodness, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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