What Are These 45 Clean Eating Recipes?

I have put in a lot of sweat and brain power into these 45 healthy clean eating dinner recipes to make them:

Understand that Every Woman Struggles

I’m a great cook. Yes, I will own it and will not be shy. And a girlfriend of mine is a fabulous one too. Just a few days ago, we had a conversation how each weeknight dinner is a full-blown strategy.


To make it:

I’m happy we figured out there is nothing wrong with you because you are out of dinner ideas on busy nights.

Now let’s help you to put an easy dinner on the table!

45 Weeknight Dinners Quick Links

I think it’s the best collection of easy dinner recipes on the web.

More Healthy Dinner Ideas

Please don’t be shy to share! The more people eat healthy, the lower our medical bill. I’m serious. YOU CAN make a difference. So, share away, share away.

Clean Eating Chicken Recipes

Left to right.

While chicken breast is baking, cook quinoa or whole grain pasta and make quick cucumber and tomato salad.

To make a complete meal, start with cooking quick cooking grain like quinoa or buckwheat. It takes only 15 minutes. In the meanwhile, prepare chicken breast with tomatoes. Then serve together.

15. Chicken Zucchini with Garlic and Corn

You do not have to meal prep it. Just serve on plates.

Serving suggestion: healthy mashed potatoes or cauliflower mashed potatoes for a low carb alternative.

Start with cooking quinoa or brown rice. Then proceed to making stir fry. Both will be ready at same time.

Left to right.

21. Mexican Meatballs

Serve with quick cooking brown rice vermicelli, quinoa or brown rice.

Serve with whole wheat spaghetti and Mexican street corn salad. Both are pictured.

Clean Eating Beef Recipes

Clean Eating Salmon and Shrimp Recipes

Don’t worry about meal prepping these. Just serve on plates.

Quick and Easy 45 Healthy Dinner Ideas Recipes for busy weeknights. You’ve got this! Clean eating approved.

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