38+ healthy soup recipes to warm you up this fall! Tons of easy soup recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare.

This post was originally published in 10/2018. It has been updated with fresh soup recipes and tips in 09/2019.

Soups are one of my favorite things to cook, because they are the ultimate one pot meal! I love that most soup recipes are packed with healthy vegetables that help me stay on track with healthy eating. They are easy to cook, store really well, and warm me up on a cold day.

Not only that but soup is one of the most freezer-friendly meals out there! I love stocking up my freezer with easy soup recipes because it means I’ll always have something to eat when I run out of meal prep lunches, or defrost when we have guests in town.

Today we’re rounding up more than 38 healthy soup recipes from around the web, and there’s something for everyone: healthy soups, creamy soups, instant pot and slow cooker soups, vegan soups and soups with meat. There is such a great variety out there and I now have a whole list of the best soup recipes that I want to try!

Tips preparing and storing these healthy soup recipes

  • Always taste your soup before serving. Often it might need a little ‘something’ after cooking, like a squeeze of citrus, splash of balsamic vinegar or soy sauce, or a little extra salt
  • I love swapping cream for a potato. Sounds weird but pureeing a potato helps get your soup nice and creamy– cauliflower can also work!
  • consider making a double batch of soup and freezing half!
  • When freezing soup, leave 1/4 of the container empty to account for expansion of the soup when it freezes

How to store these soup recipes- soups store well in the fridge and many will keep for up to 4 days.  Freeze for 3-6 months.

Food safety- reheat until steaming hot and do not reheat more than once.

Meal prep it- Cook a big batch ahead and portion out through the week. Leftovers can often be frozen for long term storage.

Best lunch containers- some options for soup include , store in  then reheat in bowls in the microwave, this super popular , and this .

Best soup storage containers

  • reusable plastic freezer jars

Let’s check out the best soup recipes on the web!

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